Professionals, Amateurs and the Great Unwashed

This from marketing web guru Seth Godin’s blog. It applies to painters just like it applies to lawyers, astronauts and bank robbers:

If you want something done, perhaps you would ask a professional to do it. Someone who costs a lot but is worth more than they charge. Someone who shows up even when she doesn’t feel like it. Someone who stands behind her work, gets better over time and is quite serious indeed about the transaction.

Or perhaps you could hire a passionate amateur. That’s a forum leader doing it for love, not money. An obsessive in love with the craft. A talented person willing to trade income for the chance to do what he loves, with freedom.

Please, though, don’t hire someone who just thinks it’s a job. This category represents the majority of your options, and this category is what gives work a bad name..

See You In Las Vegas

Kudos to those of you who took the time out of your busy schedules and will be attending the PDCA National Expo next week in Las Vegas. I’m looking forward to the Residential Forum Panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon, (as well as a break from the East Coast weather). Be sure to stop by our booth in the trade show to say hello. We look forward to seeing everyone next week. And if you’re unable to make the trip, no worries. We’ll be sure to post the highlights upon our return..