AST – An Investment In Your Business

My first ASTs left me nauseous – it wasn’t the company, mind you – everyone is friendly, open and honest.  What was sickening was the long list of To-Dos that each AST generated – there were so many great ideas, tips and tricks I heard and wanted to implement that I was overwhelmed with how immature my company was.

Fast forward to recent years and I am now less prone to feelings of insecurity – my business fires on most cylinders most of the time and I’ve learned to better triage my To-Do list into short, medium and long term goals, as well as the “Its Never Going to Happen In My Lifetime’ list.

The point being, its takes fortitude and confidence to spend 2 days talking with your peers; it requires honesty, transparency and curiosity, but the payoff is enormous.

If you haven’t been, you must attend.  It is the single most effective investment you’ll make in your business.

– Nigel Costelloe, Catchlight Painting.

The Ultimate Productivity Booster

Happiness at work. Sorry if that’s not the answer you were hoping for, but research shows that people who are happy with their jobs are more productive than any other group. The top 3 reasons:

1. Happy people work better with others

2. Happy people are more creative

3. Happy people fix problems instead of complaining about them

Want to learn more about the why and how, read the full article below. 🙂

Top 10 reasons why happiness at work is the ultimate productivity booster.