Staying “Top Of Mind”

I recently attended a digital marketing conference where one of the speakers talked about staying “top of mind” with people in his network, customers, etc. He does this by pulling 5-10 names from his rolodex each day (yes – that’s the term he used, and then went on to explain what it was to the 30 and under crowd) and make calls just to check in and say hi. Another contractor I spoke with recently mentioned using the quiet time in the winter months to send hand written notes to past customers just to check in. Then I came across this article which talks about sending 2-3 texts per day to people in your contact list just to wish them a good day.

The point is, no matter what method you choose, staying in front of  your customers, vendors, designers, subcontractors, etc. ensures a better chance that when they need a service that you provide, you will be the first person that comes to mind. Who can you reach out to today that you haven’t spoken to in a while? I’ll bet they’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear from you, and who knows, maybe you’ll just brighten their day or maybe it will lead to more work. You’ll never know unless you try…

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Act Like A Leader, Even If You’re Not The Boss

We all know that there’s a big difference between being a leader and being a boss, but what happens when you’re not the boss, but you’re still in a position that requires you to lead? Here are some tips on how to lead successfully, no matter what your current position may be. And if you are aspiring to climb the ladder, honing these skills now will help you along the journey.

10 Tips For Leadership When You’re Not The Boss.