Social Media Posting For Optimal Results

We all know  that social media is not something we can afford to ignore, but we also know that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing too. Thanks to independent research and infographics, we’ve taken the mystery out of finding the balance on posting on various platforms. I’m sure you’ll be happy to note that less is still more, and once a day on Facebook is plenty to keep your followers engaged without becoming annoyed.

social media posting


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Don’t Forget To Add A Smiley Face :)

While emoticons may seem like something only text crazy teenagers rely on to share their feelings with the least key strokes possible, believe it or not they also have a place in the business world. Research shows that they  help infuse emotion into short emails and abbreviated text messages, which seem to have become the norm in communication. We all know how hard it is to convey “tone” in an email or text message, and including the appropriate emoticon at the end of your message can help impart a more real and human feel in your message. Read more about the findings below, and don’t be afraid to include a smiley face in your next email.

smiley face

7 Reasons To Use Emoticons In Your Writing


2015 – The Year Of The Blog

Whether you’ve finally committed to starting a blog this year or need to revitalize the one you launched way back when and let fall by the wayside, here’s a great piece to get you started down the path to success. Almost everything you’ll read these days about building a strong online presence will tell you that “content is king” and you need to “be yourself”, so grab a notebook and use these 5 straightforward techniques to get back on track for 2015.

5 Breakthrough Techniques for Successfully Blogging


3 Trends Not To Be Ignored

One of the biggest keys to future success is planning in the present moment. This includes staying in the know about what is going on in your specific industry as well as around the world. We now live in a fully digital age, and things will continue to trend even further in that direction in the year ahead. Here are three good tips for staying ahead of the curve in 2015.

3 Business Trends to Embrace in 2015