Why You Should Consider Reinventing Your Company

When was the last time you evaluated how you run your business, who your ideal customer is, and what you have to offer them? During the crash and rebuild of 2009, many of us had to regroup and reorganize to stay afloat, but what we may not have realized is that, since then, reinvention has become the name of the game. For more insight, read the article below, which includes a TEDTalk for those of you who might prefer the video version. “To hold on, let go…”


Why You Must Reinvent Your Company Every 3-5 Years


Building A Team of Decision Makers

Are you looking to strengthen your team as well as build future leaders? Here’s a great article with six great tips on what the up-and-coming workforce is really looking for in a boss and a company, and what you can do to empower your employees to reach their full potential. Go Team!!

The Secrets to Building A Team of Decision Makers



That “Little Something Extra”

We’ve all been there, someone walks into a crowded room and instantly draws everyone’s attention. Success just seems to exude from their pores, but no one can figure out exactly what they have that we don’t . Here’s and interesting article and study that have taken some of the guess work out of the difference between hard work and success. Seems there is that “little extra something” that highly successful people possess, and now that we know what it is, we can all strive to reach a little higher and become even better leaders.

The One Skill Most Entrepreneurs Need, But Often Overlook


Leading With Compassion

As business owners, we all have times in which we have to deal with a mistake made by an employee. Some are minor, and some could end up costing us a project or a customer if not handled properly, but what’s your approach when dealing with the employee to make sure the mistake isn’t repeated? Most of us are pre-programed to reprimand or voice our disappointment, but what would happen if you tried showing compassion instead? This study revealed some interesting results and offers a different perspective on what it takes to be the best leader you can be.

Heart with bandaid

Choosing Compassion over Toughness