How Likeable Are You?

If you asked any small business owner ten years ago what their biggest asset would be in 2015, I don’t think anyone would say “a likeable personality.” Thanks to an onslaught of technology over the past decade though, being “likeable” is now what can truly set you apart from the crowd (and your competition). The key is to make sure that it doesn’t stop with you as the owner. Be sure that it’s clear to your entire team that every time they are given a chance to interact with a customer, they can either win them for life or send them packing. Here’s to the former and always remembering to bring your smile.

People Buy Because They Like YOU


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Sell Yourself an Hour a Day

Ever wonder how some people seem to know so much? Here’s one strategy from someone who I think we’d all agree has figured out a thing or two in the business world. While his full approach may not be a great fit for our businesses with change orders, weather delays, and just plain old difficult customers, the part about setting an hour a day aside for yourself really struck a cord for me. Read on, and see if you agree, and then figure out when and how to work it into your schedule.

The Warren Buffet Formula – How to get Smarter



The Ebb and Flow of Leadership

As leaders, we’re all striving to be the best we can be, and get the best out of our teams as well. What would you say if i told you there’s a simple shift in your approach that could help you get there without making any drastic changes?* Here’s an interesting study that yielded three simple steps that we can all focus on to get our teams to peak performance. Here’s to getting into the flow…


The Holy Grail of Leadership – Finding Flow


* There’s a small chance that this may not be a simple shift for absolutely everyone who reads this post. #justsayin


Is Your Business Fully Focused On Your Customers?

Unfortunately, it is a well-known fact that customer service is a dying art, but for those of us smart enough to pay attention, this also presents us with an opportunity to set ourselves apart from the crowd. No need to add infostructure, raise your prices, or work longer hours, all you have to do is be friendly and helpful (and make sure everyone else at your company is doing the same).

Just think, when was the last time you called a “customer service” number and got a live person who helped you within a reasonable amount of time? As small business owners, we all have the option to make our interactions personal, and in choosing to do so, also make the customer experience a pleasant one. Happy customers tell their friends… which leads to more work… which leads to more happy customers… I think you get the idea.

Below are some great tips on delivering top of the line customer service, and once you’re done reviewing the list, take a minute to re-evaluate your current systems for possible improvements. Here’s to leaving all of your customers with a smile on their face.


10 Characteristics of a Customer Focused Business