Your “Oh Crap” List

If the “Happiness Audit” didn’t quite work for you, here’s another way to deal with work stress. As small business owners, we all have moments (often weekly, sometimes daily) where we feel completely overwhelmed, but when it’s your name on the door, you still have to find a way to keep it all together. Here’s another quick “audit” you can do to determine what’s really worth your energy, what can be delegated, and what needs to get thrown out with the rest of the old paint.

Making An “Oh Crap” List


Happiness Audit

When was the last time you stopped and took stock of what truly makes you happy? And not just the big things, but the little day to day things that you do on autopilot? Here’s a quick read with an easy suggestion on how to “audit” your happiness meter and then make small adjustments. As we all enter the height of the busy season, wouldn’t know be a great time to make sure you find some time each and everyday (even if it’s just 15 minutes) to do something that will make you smile?

How To Intentionally Design A Happier Life