Happiness Audit

When was the last time you stopped and took stock of what truly makes you happy? And not just the big things, but the little day to day things that you do on autopilot? Here’s a quick read with an easy suggestion on how to “audit” your happiness meter and then make small adjustments. As we all enter the height of the busy season, wouldn’t know be a great time to make sure you find some time each and everyday (even if it’s just 15 minutes) to do something that will make you smile?

How To Intentionally Design A Happier Life


The True Key To Happiness

While our main focus is often on building a better business, with the start of the New Year just a few weeks behind us, we thought now was a good time to focus on building a better life. Harvard University has conducted the longest running study on adult development and what keeps us happy as our lives progress. The results may not come as a surprise, but will definitely be a good reminder for those of us who may need to refocus a bit of our attention in the coming year. If you want to bypass the backstory, you can skip to about five minutes in and just review the results. Here’s to a happier 2016!!


What Makes A Good Life? – TedTalk



Building A World Class Team

As we head into the final quarter of 2015, now is a great time to start planning for the year ahead. What did you do well this year? What could still use some work? What was on your to do list that shouldn’t have been? And most importantly, who do you need on your team to reach your goals next year? Here’s a great article on the components that make up a winning team. As your year starts to wind down, take a moment to reflect on which areas could use some improvement in your business to make 2016 your best year yet. Then start planning. 🙂

The Elements of a World Class Team



101 In Social Media Conversations

Have you finally decided to start up a Facebook page, or revive the page you haven’t logged into for months, but don’t know what to say? Here’s a great piece that shares some practical and easy to implement strategies to make getting over that initial hump of starting up a conversation a little bit less painful. And no matter what platform you choose to use, remember, you really are just having a conversation with current and/or potential customers, so be yourself.


The Art of Conversation on Social Media



A New Approach To Selling

With the good old days of the traditional sales model fading into the sunset, here are 5 great questions to ask when meeting with a customer. While the examples are geared towards the marketing industry, the meat of this article can be applied to any sales setting in any industry. Take a minute to read this slowly and then see how you can integrate some of the suggestions into your meetings with customers. And remember, making it feel more like a conversation than a sales pitch will always increase your chances of closing the deal.

5 Killer Questions to Woo Potential Customers



Life Skills Worth Mastering

Whether you’re working on improving yourself, or grooming a future team of leaders, here are 10 skills worth mastering sooner rather than later. While they may not all come easily, devoting the time and energy to becoming a better version of you always pays off in the long run.

10 Skills That are Hard to Learn



Sharing Your “Human” Side As A Leader

As small business owners, it’s easy to lose track of a day, a week, or sometimes even a month with our heads to the grindstone doing our best to keep everything moving forward. There’s a lot to be said, however, for slowing down every once in a while. #1 – we all deserve a minute or two to breathe, and #2 – our team deserves to hear from us when we’re not frazzled or running at warp speed. Without them, most of us wouldn’t be as successful as we are today either, so take a minute to breathe and then find the time to share one of these 6 “musts” with your team. Remember, leaders are human too, and great leaders aren’t afraid to show it.

6 Things You Absolutely Must Say Today


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How Likeable Are You?

If you asked any small business owner ten years ago what their biggest asset would be in 2015, I don’t think anyone would say “a likeable personality.” Thanks to an onslaught of technology over the past decade though, being “likeable” is now what can truly set you apart from the crowd (and your competition). The key is to make sure that it doesn’t stop with you as the owner. Be sure that it’s clear to your entire team that every time they are given a chance to interact with a customer, they can either win them for life or send them packing. Here’s to the former and always remembering to bring your smile.

People Buy Because They Like YOU


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Sell Yourself an Hour a Day

Ever wonder how some people seem to know so much? Here’s one strategy from someone who I think we’d all agree has figured out a thing or two in the business world. While his full approach may not be a great fit for our businesses with change orders, weather delays, and just plain old difficult customers, the part about setting an hour a day aside for yourself really struck a cord for me. Read on, and see if you agree, and then figure out when and how to work it into your schedule.

The Warren Buffet Formula – How to get Smarter



The Ebb and Flow of Leadership

As leaders, we’re all striving to be the best we can be, and get the best out of our teams as well. What would you say if i told you there’s a simple shift in your approach that could help you get there without making any drastic changes?* Here’s an interesting study that yielded three simple steps that we can all focus on to get our teams to peak performance. Here’s to getting into the flow…


The Holy Grail of Leadership – Finding Flow


* There’s a small chance that this may not be a simple shift for absolutely everyone who reads this post. #justsayin